2013 Senior League Championship: Cardinals @ Dodgers Game 3

Eeking out a pair of single run victories does not exactly a commanding lead make, but it’s definely better to have held Home Field advantage as you take the show on the road.  Game One was a 13 inning Pitcher’s Duel with Beltran earning his money with a Walk Off RBI Single.  The Dodgers struck first with a pair in their half of the 3rd, the Cardinals evened it up right away.

And then there were 9 more innings.  Fascinating viewing if you like watching people spit sunflower shells while not much is happening.  It isn’t often I’ll conceed the thrilling nature of International Football but by comparison with that yawner it is indeed a beautiful game.

Saturday was a single run affair, but at least the 5th was interesting with a Leadoff Double and a passed ball.  It turned out that was all the margin St. Louis would need.

Tonight we have a pair of Aces facing off.  Adam Wainwright (19 – 9, 2.94 ERA R) is generally thought to be the best pitcher still playing but Hyun-Jin Ryu (14 – 8, 3.00 ERA L) matches up well on paper.  Ryu may have a slight advantage in that he delivers from the left which makes his pick off move to 1st easier.

Win or lose the Cardinals will head back to Busch Stadium while the Dodgers need at least 2 at home to extend this Series.


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