Mar 05 2014

Obamneycare Insurance Won’t Save You from Hospital Price Gouging Forever

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Here's a small example of the criminal price gouging at hospitals that should require a RICO investigation if we were serious about controlling health care costs brought to you from US Uncut:

So let's say you are now covered under Obamacare and you can actually afford it even with the high deductible. Whether you have insurance that pays $200, $400 or even $600 of that $800, misses the point, entirely. Besides, it probably won't last if hospitals have no accountability on pricing.

Insurance companies are going to find a way to pass that 79,900% overpricing cost onto you, eventually, even with subsidies. Like banks, they are good at avoiding regulations and regulatory capture, which is why they got to write the bill. It's also why for profit hospitals made a deal with the President to make sure there was no public option in the bill.  Do you really think ignoring this price fixing racket is going to net long term results on par with the rest of the developed world? Did Dodd Frank reign the banks in? No. 

Therefore, it's probably not going to as beneficial as the years go by, as the chargemaster billing code at all hospitals charges whatever it wants with no real accountability. That is, except some meager pricing info available between hospitals, which means very little with huge monopolies and/or duopolies in each state; all who will eventually get tired of paying the mark up and eventually will use their political power to pass the cost onto all of us, even with the mandate which won't cover 79,900% overpricing such as in this case up above.

Then, even those with the best coverage will not really feel the love of this predacious, for profit, industry which should not exist. It's a cyst on society that should be removed.

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  1. priceman

    But the market is cornered by a small number of them. They can do what they want under this system. Too bad for us.

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