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Strategic Terror Attack

Ridged for your pleasure.

For tonight’s guests, the web exclusive Sonia Nazario extended interview and the real news join me below.

I’m not sure 3 whole seconds, most of which is taken up with your “Exclusive” graphic really qualifies as “extended”.

Just a thought Jon.

On the other hand Stephen does have some exclusive web content.

Beck- Heart Is a Drum

Beck- Heaven’s Ladder (Exclusive)

This week’s guests-

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

If you click the link you’ll see that Sara Firth is yet another reporter (the first was Liz Wahl) to resign on air in a dispute over Russia Today’s editorial practices, specifically Russian policy with regard to the Ukraine.

Liz promptly went on wingnut welfare collecting as much in appearance fees as she possibly could from Faux Noise and other right wing media outlets who are quick to criticise Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for all the wrong reasons.  I expect no less from Sara frankly.

Now you may say to me, “ek, how can you possibly condone Russia’s Imperialist ambitions in the Ukraine?”  to which I would reply 1) not proven, 2) Oh you mean those Imperialist ambitions that led the CIA to stage a Neo Nazi coup in a country that had been stealing from gas from Russian pipelines for decades, and 3) So what exactly do you expect us to do about it?  Declare aggressive war against arguably the largest Nuclear Armed power in the world that also happens to posseses the 2nd largest Conventional Military (we are but a poor  3rd, China is 1st)?  Are you Nucking Futz!

I live in a blast zone baby and I remember Atomic Cafe.

Not every problem is a nail.

But ek, they shot down MH 17 with all those nice and important AIDS researchers on it.

Not as many as originally advertised and we shoot down planes too.  Remember the Vincennes?  It was a “tragedy“.

Or perhaps it makes a difference that those people were mostly brown and Muslim.

Doesn’t it make you feel bad that RT is nothing but a State run propaganda mouthpiece?

C’mon.  Look around you.  Do you think it’s any different from, say, NBC?

Like Herr Doktor Professor I quote them when they agree with the points I’m trying to make, ignore them when they’re not, and criticize them when their being egregiously stupid or unfair.  I’m no more biased than Stockton, but no less biased either and I don’t pretend that my biases don’t shape my writing or my editorial decisions.

Jon Batiste

is a musician, entertainer, educator, and bandleader from Kenner, Louisiana, United States. Jonathan is a member of a long lineage of musicians from the Batiste family of Louisiana.

Jonathan and his band are particularly known for actively engaging with audiences in an effort to create greater accessibility to and appreciation for the art of live music. The band draws its moniker from the belief that the human interaction of a live musical performance can uplift humanity in the midst of the “plug in/tune out” nature of modern day society. Either on tour or during time off, the band can be seen spontaneously playing in non traditional venues and starting impromptu demonstrations through the streets which Jon and the band have termed as “Love Riots”


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  1. a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    Welcome to the wild wild westle-east.

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