Sep 11 2014

Sneakers On The Ground

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Sneakers on the  ground. Mercenaries don’t wear boots, they wear sneakers, and give obots and democrats the excuse that there will be no boots on the ground, and kill for money. And because they aren’t army there’ll be no messy veterans affairs bureaucracy or benefits or hospitals to pay for to get in the way of making money. If any of them get mangled or crippled there are lots of alleys all over America they can live in, and if any of them get killed before they get paid there are lots more suckers where they came from. It’s the American way in obama’s project for a new american century.

Bushed yet?

Obama Tells the Nation That America Is Going Back to War in Iraq

By Jason Leopold, September 11, 2014  

Nope. This one’s going to really stink. Bush had nothing on this guy.

Last gasp of the dying american empire.

obama grinned and stuck a rusty knife in it’s heart. And grinned some more.

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