Nov 04 2014

Midthusiasm and the Blame Obama Crowd

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So I’ve been nagging my 22 year old niece to vote for the past week, making sure that she knew her polling place, the hours for voting, and about the local ballot initiatives, and the impact they might have.

Do I think she’s going to vote? Hell no.

She practically runs away every time I bring the subject up. She’s told me how she feels.

What difference does it make? My vote didn’t change anything last time. Every time I work extra hours, most of it disappears in taxes. Things just get worse and worse. Nobody cares. Nothing ever changes.

So I try to explain to her that she doesn’t make enough money to pay income tax. What she thinks is income tax, is social insurance programs with benefits that are guaranteed for as long as she lives. Anything over withheld she’ll get back like a bonus when she files her 1040 ez.

I explain how much her vote matters and how if the wrong people get elected, her grandmother’s teacher pension will likely get cut. And that may mean the roof over her head doesn’t get fixed or worse.

La La La I’m not listening. You’re making me depressed. You’re just a rabid political junkie. Worse than a Red Sox fan.

Here’s the thing though. I don’t have a team. And she’s right. To a large extent- Nothing ever changes.

I could just right her feelings off as-

Kids these days with their cell phones and their i-fads…Stay off of my lawn!

but it’s a deeper problem. What we have is a miserable failure of leadership.

Considering she was born in ’92, all she’s ever known from government is half measures doomed to fail in their stated objectives, or successful in that they were designed to fail. Results that make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the little guy screwed.

As for me. I am a member of the blame Obama crowd. Not that he should get all the blame. There are others also at fault. But his actions have made things worse. He is the head of the democratic party and leader of the free world so they say.

He had an opportunity after the miserable failure of W, to finally snap the neck of the economic theory that if you cut taxes (especially for the rich) everyone benefits. He could have strongly killed the supply siders when they were weak. but he didn’t. He picked them up off the mat and legitimized their voodoo economics and gave them 40% percent of the stimulus package in the form of tax cuts. The multiplier effect on direct spending is far greater and he knew it.

The stim was weak tea, designed to fail.

Bush War Crimes ignored. No accountability. No accountability for crooked bankers. 2 systems of justice continued. I could go on, you but know the record.

There’s no excuse. There is no eleven dimensional chess game. If you believe that, you’re a sucker.

If the Dems get their clock cleaned today well… They had it coming.

You get what you give.


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  1. BobbyK

    If Democrats were better, there would be more.

  2. TMC

    Shelley Moore Capito is projected to win in West Virginia, defeating Democrat Natalie Tennant. Capito will replace retiring Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller.

    McConnell holds onto his shell seat.

    Ohio: Governor John Kasich wins in Ohio

    South Carolina: Governor Nikki Haley is reelected. Sen Tim Scott (R) is elected to a full term and Sen. Lindsay “Butchmeup” Graham is reelected

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