Mar 11 2015

Dispatches From Hellpeckersville- Gifted

I don’t remember if I mentioned it here, but a month or so ago one of Baboo’s teachers asked him why he wasn’t in the gifted program. He told her he didn’t know. He came home and asked me, well I didn’t know either. Turns out that public schools test for that in second grade. Baboo wasn’t in public school in second grade, so he had a Terra Nova test instead of whatever they took. So–I was advised to call the guidance counselor, as surely, Baboo is gifted.

Now, I’m pretty sure most parents think their kids are smart, just as they all find them beautiful, talented, funny and everything else, but we kind of knew that Baboo was smarter than the average bear. He was an early reader, insisted on being a helper with the in home therapy for Dan, and he was helpful, he wasn’t playing. To this day he helps Dan with his homework and checks it every night. His vocabulary is huge. When his eleven year old butt tied his dad’s score on an IQ test, I had to admit, I’m not just being a mom, that kid is scary smart. So, I called the school and asked them to go ahead and test him.

I got the full results of his test this week and guess what? Gifted. He was all anxious after that test, waiting on the results, asked me at least two dozen times, “What if I don’t make it?” To tell the truth that was something I never even considered. I knew he would. My only worry for him is pressure. He puts a lot of pressure on himself now, will being in this program cause him to up the ante? I have a meeting to discuss his GIEP and I need to find out what all is involved. I mean, it’s all well and good to know I have a smart little bugger here, but now you had to go and make it official, so I’m all nervous for him.

Most of all I’m happy for him, he really wanted this. At his school there’s some cool perks and activities that go along with the gifted program, like getting to go see Wicked on Broadway this month, that’s pretty damn sweet for him. And, of course, I’m proud, but I was proud of him with or without any test, and not just for being a little brainiac. See, he’s one of the two most fantastic kids on the planet. Helps me every damn day, more on the days I’m not doing well, is unfailingly kind and helpful to his brother, and is endlessly patient with a MomMom who used to adore him and now views him with curiosity. He’s an awesome kid. Way to go, Baboo, onward and upward, baby~

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