Dispatches From Hellpeckersville-Going To School

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Tomorrow me and Cleetus are headed into Dan’s school to make gummies with his class. There’s only six students, so I have plenty of molds and ingredients and all that, but I’ve never been that mom who’s at school volunteering for things left and right. I’m kind of tied up here at home taking care of my mom. But this year Dan’s class has this star student of the month thing, where every week a different thing revolves around him and on the last week, if possible, the parents come in to do a favorite activity with the class. I’m a little nervous.

It’s not that I’m not good with kids, for twenty years before I had any I was the fun aunt. I was also the friend who if I had any sort of demonstration or home party, yeah, bring your kids, I can have an activity all set up for them. You want to decorate a fancy bag, kids? here ya go, stickers, glitter glue, foam shapes, whatever you need. I like kids, I like doing crafts with kids. And if it’s a craft that’s new to them or even just new supplies–oh, it’s almost like magic. I’ve had a table full of kids making bags, jewelry, puppets, all kinds of things, too many times to count. So why am I nervous?

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done it with any kids other than my two boys, but I’m pretty sure it’s like riding a bike, so I shouldn’t be nervous about that. Is it because they’re special needs? Nah. My niece used to bring her adult clients from the local workshop over and when Barb wanted to make a dreamcatcher, I said, okay, let’s make one, and out came the supplies. I believe that dreamcatcher hung in her room until the day she died. I don’t have a problem working with any kind of special needs. I think it’s the whole going into the school thing.

I just associate school with authority. It makes me uncomfortable. I have a difficult time reconciling school and fun together in my mind. And this thing not taking place at my house, my OCD-ish nature keeps making me sure that I’ll forget something that will turn the whole thing into a fiasco and Dan will be humiliated in front of his friends. I know that’s not reasonable, but that doesn’t stop me.

Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow, I have to go check my supplies again, it’s been over an hour and some may have escaped.


  1. and while we wait I’ll be reading out loud for the class with Dan. yay.

  2. that pays off now in spades, now that it’s your kids… you may be nervous, but you’re gonna be fine…

    sending lots of good and confident vibes to you triv! D

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