The Daily Late Nightly Show (Steroid Abuse)

So down 4.4 million for the 2nd episode and a .4 deficit in the demo (not insignificant, it’s like 30%) but ’twas ever thus destined to be.  Fallon labors under the handicap or advantage of a Thursday Night Throwball intro pairing the Patsies and the Steelers in the season opener.

Biden made ‘news?’ today in his interview with Stephen which was embargoed and then transcripts unembargoed while the tape remained embargoed.  I’m hard put to call it actual news because nothing new came out of it except his continued protestation that running for President takes your full commitment and he got all verklempt about his kid’s service in Iraq.

The reason Biden is being sucked up to by the Villagers is Good Old Senator Credit Card is their very own pod produced clone, a hollow empty husk of institutionalized graft and corruption that they hope can fool enough of the people when Hillary falls to their decades of Clinton hate.

He says himself he is no populist.  Do we really need another Democrat running to the right of Hillary?  That’s Jim Webb’s job.

I hope Stephen cleans him like a fish and drops him still flopping in a pan but I expect he’ll be much gentler than that.  His other guests are Travis Kalanick and Toby Keith.

So, do Natasha and Bruce ever get together?

The New Continuity

Welcome to Mars

Tonightly we will be talking about Tom Brady’s balls, concussions, and other things thrown with Tony Richards, Mike Yard and Rory Albanese.

Tomorrow will be all Amy Schumer all the time.


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