Sep 18 2015

The Daily Late Nightly Show (Racist)

Full show, supposedly from Trevor himself (YouTube doesn’t do much checking).

You know, in times when you’ve just seen 15 Republicans (two of whom were brown and that definitely puts them two up on Democrats) spend 5 hours talking about the scary brown (probably Mooslim you know, as if their mere brownness was not threatening enough) people to know that there is a huge problem with racism in this country.

Welcome Trevor Noah.

In truth I don’t expect a radical change.  He’s barely revamping the set, all the production people Stephen didn’t scoop up are safe in their jobs and even John Hodgeman is showing up in the promos so how radical could it be?.

I expect Stephen will puff as much wind as he can in the sail.  Jon Stewart is still the executive producer of his show and what’s not to love?  Trevor, Trevor, Trevor, if he’s smart and I see nothing to indicate otherwise, will sit back and serve popcorn without the Trump bias (yes, I know he’s fundamentally a horrible human being, are you listening the the destruction he’s bringing on the Republicans?  Classic Moby and some jerk in New Hampshire is not making me change my mind.  You don’t pick your friends or family, you pick your enemies).

I want Trevor to succeed just as much as Stephen and Larry and Samantha (forget about her new show?  Shame.) and I’m willing to give him some time to work out the kinks.  It’s a big job and somebody needs to do it.

Stephen’s other guests are far less interesting- Ban Ki-Moon, and Chris Stapleton.

Tomorrow it’s Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.  If Rachel’s interview tonight is any indication bring your checkbooks and dialing fingers.

Did I mention Bernie?

The New Continuity

Tonightly we talk debate (what else) and our panel is Rory Albanese, Joy-Ann Reid, and Tom Papa.

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