Sep 22 2015

The Daily Late Nightly Show (More Bern!)

C’mon.  Feel the Bern.

I kind of agree with the person (can’t find the link now) who finds late night candidate interviews generally appalling but admitted that Sanders did the best that could be expected.  He got on, made his points, answered a few questions, smiled, shook hands, and left.

The guests tonight are Stephen Curry and Ted Cruz with musical guest Don Henley.

The New Continuity


Tonightly Larry’s guest is…

Wait for it…

Bernie Sanders!

The rest of it hardly matters, but the panelists are Robin Thede, Cipha Sounds, and The Game.

First of all- Bernie!, Bernie!, Bernie!  I’m sorely tempted to bag Stephen even though the first 30 minutes will probably be the only ones worth watching (I mean Ted “I’m much less entertaining than The Donald” Cruz?) but I’m going to follow my usual practice and cover Stephen which is only once and defer Larry who will repeat.


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