The Daily Late Nightly Show (All Frank, All the Time)

I mean c’mon, look at the guests-

The musical guests are the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus and the Choir of St. Jean Baptiste.

What do you think they’re going to talk about?

Oh, Liz.  Well I’d show it to you but only 2 minutes are available in any but the poorest quality.  Screw you CBS, when Trevor gets here next week we’ll see how interested I am.

And the show will be late because- Throwball!

Yawn.  I might not even stay up.

The New Continuity

Clock Boy

The story of Ahmed Mohamed is this in brief.

He’s 14 years old and very bright.  He built himself one of those old timey digital clocks out of a 555 timer chip (I’m so old I know what those are) soldered together with some Resistors and Capacitors and LEDS on a Breadboard.  He used a pencil case as a case.

In terms of sophistication this is one step above a Potato Clock because you have to be careful not to burn yourself with the Iron or stick the Drill through your finger.  Seriously, it’s like project 1 or 2 in Beginner’s books of Electronics, “Hello World”.

His Science Teacher was not much impressed and gave it back to him and later that day another teacher saw it and ran to the Principal who called the Police who led Ahmed away in handcuffs.

Frankly you’d soil your pants if I told you about the truly dangerous stuff my friends and I were doing at that age and we weren’t considered the “bad crowd” even.

So why do you think that happened?  Does it have anything to do with the fact that Ahmed is brown and Muslim?  If you see something say something.

The correct answer is that this is sheer Islamophobic bigotry of the worst stripe.  Teacher who narced- bigot.  Principal- bigot.  Police- bigots.

And the Faux Noisemakers who are defending this as a fair cop- bigots.

You stop being racist and I’ll stop talking about it.

Ahmed, if you’re reading this, sell the damn useless Apple Watch (top of the market and yours has an interesting provenance), keep the prop as a memento, and put the money in your college fund or blow it on pizza with your friends.

Thursday Nightly Bag-O-Grab.  The panel is Andrew Rannells, Kerry Coddett, and Will Forte.


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