Nov 11 2015

Dispatches From Hellpeckersville-Color My World

A little while back I complained about not being able to finish things. That was true. I would start projects and abandon them left and right. Or I would do a project, and it would be pretty cool, and then I would drop it like a hot potato. I’m hoping this time around that doesn’t happen. I think I’ve gone further with the monoprints and collage than anything I’ve done in over ten years, and the ideas haven’t dried up yet. I take that as a really good sign.

I think the reasons I couldn’t or didn’t finish things or continue them are twofold. I was a little depressed, and it’s hard to stay interested in things then. And-I just hadn’t hit on the right thing. Sure, I liked zendoodling, sewing, coloring, knitting, etc, but none of it fed the spark. There’s something in the colors I’m working with now I find irresistible, it keeps me coming back to explore. I find I’m feeling happier than I have for a long time.

I know they say that color can affect your mood, but I think that’s more about painting rooms a certain color, like in institutions. For me it’s about a lot of color, vibrant hues, and how to get what I see in my head down on canvas. In some way in the past, I’ve always disappointed myself on that score.  Now, it’s like I can’t put it on canvas fast enough. My trial and error projects are even productive. I can’t get my hands on the right mediums fast enough. There’s nothing worse than seeing your work smear under a glaze because you didn’t have the proper sealer or fixative.

When I’m not working on a piece I’m planning a piece, or I’m pulling prints on the gelatin plate. I feel like I need to have a massive selection of papers to cut from. I’ve been trying to print as many on plain paper as I do on sheet music, but I haven’t been keeping up. I admit, I think the sheet music looks so cool I just want to pull print after print on that. But that doesn’t help me when it comes to putting a collage together, does it? No. It can’t all be sheet music, I need a variety.

It’s strange. I knew I was kind of depressed, but honestly, it’s been a crappy couple of years, who wouldn’t be? But I guess I didn’t realize how dark it had gotten until something came along to let in some light. Yay, art!

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