Alt Watch

If you’re like me (and I’m afraid most of you are me but that’s ok, I write for myself) there’s an almost unavoidable phenomenon happening that may provoke you to damage expensive items in frustration, anger, incredulity, and outrage.

And, you might injure yourself in the process which is something most people would wish to avoid (I dunno, they get tatoos).

While I personally am going to watch The Curse of Oak Island, not the least because I’m planning on visiting this Summer, I offer you 4 hours of a fascinating Frontline documentary on why you should hate Republicans (check) and desire that their Party join the Federalists, Anti-Masons, Know Nothings, and Whigs on the ash heap of History (also check).

Oh, and 11 hours of original uncuts because PBS.

Yes it’s disgustingly “Centrist”. Villagers have no moral values (well, except craven capitulation for it’s own sake) or sense of shame. Still it’s instructive.

I’m only giving links to the source material because of page length. You’ll note only 3 of the 11 are with Democrats, even nominal ones. I have sorted them into categories so you have some idea.


Is David Axelrod a Democrat? I’m trying to be generous here.


Faux Noise Mercenaries

True Believers

America’s Great Divide, Part 1

America’s Great Divide, Part 2