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Don’t Mess With Nancy

So Speaker Pelosi was busy in the Post on Friday. McConnell and the GOP Senate are accomplices to Trump’s wrongdoing By Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Washington Post February 7, 2020 For more than 200 years, our republic has endured, not only because of the wisdom of our Founders and …

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SNL Valentine

Cold? -5 last night where I was. Blue Lives Matter I’ll Take ‘Jobs That Are Extict And Should Be’ For $1600 Alex Arthur Godfrey Time It’s Only Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt. Then It’s Just Fun. Shhhhh! Chad I Remember This. It Was Horrible. Oh, you want news.


She’s So Mean – Matchbox Twenty Move Along – The All-American Rejects Face Down – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Saturday Superb Owl Night LIVe

Sorry about the delay but frankly I didn’t think it was that funny or on topic and I was busy. Fanfic by Mary Sue Yes. I’ve seen it. Bachelor in the Sky And that’s