Feb 13 2020

Pernicious Memes

It seems I am stuck in New Hampshire for the foreseeable future.


There’s something I’m hearing a lot that is simply not true. This is the idea that Democrats are somehow lacking in Primary Turnout. Typically they compare it with the 2018 Blowout. How exactly do they do that? It wasn’t a Presidential Cycle. There were no Primaries, only the Election. Well duh, Turnout for Elections is higher than that for Primaries.

2018 is entirely irrelevant.

Well what about 2016?

Well, what about it? No Incumbent! Contested Races both Parties! Dump Trump! Bernie/Hill!

You would think people would be a little excited about that, and they were. Turnout was quite high.

Turnout in the New Hampshire Primary in 2020 was over 10% higher than 2016. Almost as high as in 2008. Who was in that one again?

Oh, Obama and Clinton. No Incumbent! Contested Races both Parties! Admittedly McCain wasn’t in much of a contest.

So, ignorant or lying- you make the call.