Feb 22 2020


Yesterday wasn’t any less difficult than I expected, just different and shorter. Escaping New York (World Headquarters of The Stars Hollow Gazette and DocuDharma) was about as hard as you might imagine a Friday Northbound Rush Hour would be, only with more accidents because it was cold.

Did I mention the cold?

Supposed to have a temperature break today and if I can flush the toilet (Buckets suck) I’ll be back at North Lake vacuuming confetti and popcorn off the rugs before Emily occupies it for the Town Meeting (you should go to one, better than a movie and free).

You rock Liz, and Bernie- keep exposing MSNBC as the DNC Trolls they are. We’ll see what happens in Nevada later on today. Meanwhile, moving from Stars Hollow to North Lake if weather permits, if only to pick up left over equipment and assure the infrastructure (aside from, perhaps, the plumbing) is set to endure until my next visit.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not torture. No Cell (I’ll leave the reader to decide if that’s a blessing or a curse), sometimes no TV, Internet, Power, or Landline. Some days you don’t move and you have to be ready for the experience. Are you good at Monopoly by Candlelight? I’m very, very good.

Too cold to sleep, how about I teach you to play D&D? This is the first book you have to master.

It’s an Adventure! Not least because if you dare venture outside you better be wearing Safety Orange. It’s always Open Season on ‘Libruls’.

Way Stations in War Zones. I hope you enjoy the last good summer as I intend to, and position yourself and those you care about close to a convenient border.

I’d give you some tunes except at the moment my hardware is in flux so instead long format, MST3K.