Racism- Part 1

“The thing a bigot most desires is the ability to express their bigotry in public and be applauded.”—  ek hornbeck

I’ve confessed elsewhere that I’m about the whitest person you can possibly know.  I can’t recall a single instance of hostility to me based on my appearance, sex, religion (or lack thereof).  I’m a Freemason, past master of my lodge, and I know how to golf and sail and wear a tux and all kinds on gentlemanly skills that befit my class and status and have been schooled, tooled, and polished.

Anyone who can’t recognize the benefit of that in contemporary American society is a moron or a liar or both.

Never had a cop pull a gun on me or been cuffed or tased.  Never worried about it.

Did worry about this-

I walked a lot in Syracuse because it was a pain in the ass to keep my car running and one day I was being overtaken by this guy.  I picked up the pace a little bit, but since I was smoking Kools at the time there was a limit to that.

Of course it also made our conversation easier when he bummed a smoke off me.

So I’m a racist.  And if you can’t look around you and see the million, jillion incidents of prejudice and bigotry in favor of white folks like me, you’re a racist too and you ought to have one of those repentance moments Glenn Beck keeps talking about.

If I were rich, I’d be a Republican.

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