Yes, They Are Deranged: UP Date

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Glen Greenwald

Kudos to Eva Rodriguez for explaining what a deranged extremist Marc Thiessen is – and doing it in the WashPost

Eva Rodriguez Drone strike for the WikiLeaks founder?

Did my colleague, Marc Thiessen, just call for a drone strike in Iceland? Thiessen is obviously incensed by WikiLeaks’s dissemination of tens of thousands of pages of government documents relating to the Afghan war. And he wants WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, to pay. Here’s how Thiessen put it.


Assange is a non-U.S. person operating outside the territory of the United States. This means the government has a wide range of options for dealing with him. It can employ not only law enforcement, but also intelligence and military assets, to bring Assange to justice and put his criminal syndicate out of business.

“Military assests”? Does Thiessen think we’re going to send in Special Ops to pluck Assange from Iceland, Belgium or Sweden, where he’s known to hang out? Or is he thinking that a drone strike might be more effective or efficient?

(emphasis mine)

If all else fails to stop him, wipe out a city or two. What’s a few innocent people getting killed if the goal is achieved.

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