Prime Time

Keith, Rachel, and the Boys, but you don’t have to watch news on my account though maybe you’ll want to.  Is Shark Week over yet?

I’m of mixed mind about The Assassins.  On the one hand it has Sylvester Stallone.  On the other hand it has Antonio Banderas.  Given the subtext about aging action hero studs you could find it interesting.

Or not.

What?  You think I’m slighting Ghost Hunters?


Dave has Julia Roberts and The Dead Weather.  Jon has Bruce Henderson, Stephen Michael Posner.  Alton does espresso (too much caffine?  Why do you think that?)

Showdown at Cremation Creek.  This is HUGE.  If you ever hope to understand why David Bowie is The Sovereign of The Guild of Calamitous Intent you’ll examine every frame individually using your DVR and then watch it again at 5 am (hey, you’ll be up in time for Home Movies, Mets Fast Forward, and Monster Trucks).

Not that I would know anything about it.


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    • TMC on 08/05/2010 at 00:50

    The 2 lawyers who challenged Prop 8 will be on Rachel’s show tonight.  

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