Prime Time

Only one chance at Keith and Rachel because we need our Joe Arpaio fix.  Sharks, just tonight and tomorrow to jump them.  The highlight is without a doubt Phineas & Ferb’s Summer Belongs to You at 8 pm.  Think Around The World in 80 Days in a day.

In an hour.

Competing on the Toon front are Ben 10 and Generator Rex premiers.  Clone Wars is doing the Blue Shadow Virus set.


Dave has Sandra Bullock (Miss Congeniality) and Drew Brees.  NO ALTON!  What the heck am I going to eat?  New Children’s Hospital at midnight.  The Doctor Is Sin (Am I a bad person?).  Look Around YouHealth.  Disney has repeats of tonight’s premier and other recent Phineas & Ferbs.

I could be working with my brother right now. He’s got a dry-wall business in Compton. Does the inside of office buildings; you know, the metal studs. I could be his partner, said he’d give me that brand new Dodge Ram Charger. You know, the 318 Magnum? The beast? All indoor work, too, lots of AC. I could sleep with my wife every night, fuck her, maybe; take my kids to school every morning. And I’d run his crews, too, probably increase productivity 40 to 50%. Make $100K a year. Do you know why I don’t? Because I love this job.

I thank God for every fucking day he gives me in the corps, oorah.

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  1. Vent Hole

    A lot of people don’t know the words to The Marseillaise.

    Read it and weep-

    Come, children of the Fatherland,

    The day of glory has arrived!

    Against us about the tyrant,

    The bloody banner is raised,

    The bloody banner is raised.

    Do you hear into the countryside,

    of those ferocious soldiers wailing?

    They’re coming right into your arms

    To slay your sons and wives!


    To arms, citizens,

    Form your battalions,

    Let’s march, let’s march!

    So one impure blood

    Waters our furrows!

    What does this horde of slaves,

    Of traitors and conjured kings want?

    For whom are these ignoble shackles,

    These long-prepared fetters?

    These long-prepared fetters?

    Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage

    What fury it should arouse!

    It is we whom they dare plan

    To return to ancient slavery!


    What! Foreign cohorts

    Would make the law in our homes!

    What! These mercenary phalanxes

    Would strike down our proud warriors!

    Would strike down our proud warriors!

    Great God! By chained hands

    Our foreheads would bow under the yoke

    Vile despots would become

    The masters of our destinies!


    Tremble, tyrants and you traitors

    The shame of all parties,

    Tremble! Your parricidal schemes

    Will finally receive their reward!

    Will finally receive their reward!

    Everyone is a soldier to combat you

    If they fall, our young heroes,

    The earth will produce anew,

    Against you, all are ready to fight!


    Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors,

    You bear or hold back your blows!

    You spare those sorry victims,

    Who arm against us with regret.

    Who arm against us with regret.

    But not these bloodthirsty despots,

    These accomplices of Bouillé,

    All these tigers who, mercilessly,

    Rip their mother’s breast!


    Sacred love of the Fatherland,

    Lead, support our avenging arms

    Liberty, cherished Liberty,

    Fight with thy defenders!

    Fight with thy defenders!

    Under our flags, shall victory

    Hurry to thy manly accents,

    Shall thy expiring enemies,

    See thy triumph and our glory!


    (Children’s Verse)

    We shall enter in the (military) career

    When our elders are no longer there,

    There we shall find their dust

    And the trace of their virtues,

    And the trace of their virtues.

    Much less jealous to survive them

    Than to share their coffins,

    We shall have the sublime pride

    Of avenging or following them


    To arms, citizens,

    Form your battalions,

    Let’s march, let’s march!

    So one impure blood

    Waters our furrows!

    You know what I want to hear.

    No, I don’t.

    You played it for her, you can play it for me!

    Well, I don’t think I can remember…

    If she can stand it, I can!

  2. USA has perpetual reruns of “NCIS” and A&E has “Criminal Minds” and if your really bored there is always MTV an the “jersey Shore” Marathon. Go Snooki

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