Aug 10 2010

Dear Mr. Gibbs

Do you really think that with this kind of rhetoric and then the non-apology walk back, that you are going to win the hearts and votes of the Left, the Independents and Moderate Republicans?

Come on, Bob. Do you even recognize the man in the Oval Office as being the same man from the campaign trail? Granted many of us knew damned well he wasn’t a progressive or even a so-called centrist for that matter. He was already reneging on his promises when the instead of filibustering the FISA renewal bill, he voted for it.

For someone who was so critical of Bush’s wars and the Presidential powers that Bush had assumed, he certainly has embraced them now and then some. Bush is probably wishing he could have gotten away with what Obama is doing that is being ignored by his proponents. Wow, targeted assassinations of American citizens, suspending habeus corpis on whim and prosecuting minors for war crimes. Cool. Now he wants unfettered access to private e-mail. Why not just repeal the 4th Amendment.

And how about that Cat Food Commission? Oops, sorry Obama’s supporters don’t like that term for the Deficit Commission that is proposing cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits. Brilliant. Bush never would have gotten away with that.

And wow, not just one woman on the Supreme Court but two. One who has a history of rulings in favor of corporations and the other with no bench experience but a supporter of the unitary executive that was greatly expanded under Bush and explicitly adopted and expanded by Obama.

Yes, Mr. Gibbs, we on the Left are not happy with the corporatist, neoliberal agenda that is coming from your boss. You don’t like the criticism than maybe you’d best listen to what we are saying instead of whining about it. The hallmark of a democratic society is criticism. We are still living in a democratic society so far. Or are we?

Well, thanks for listening to one really pissed off “Leftie”


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  1. TMC
  2. Cold Blue Steel

    is out of touch and overly sensitive. Did you happen to see this?

    You want petty? @billburton44 blocks me on Twitter after I criticize Obama (he was a friend and colleague at Kerry campaign)


  3. Edger

    night sweats about November?

  4. valadon

    are they clueless?  I don’t care what the poll says, I listen to people all the time and they are not happy with this Presidency or with the promises not kept ranging from the wars to healthcare to torture and gay rights. And in some cases the President was actively working against us, such as in the healthcare “debates.”

    I might have been bamboozled in the beginning – I thought we’d have someone who would restore what’s good about this country, and instead I think this administration thus far has been a failure. It’s not enough to just accomplish something for the sake of accomplishment, but I got my rude awakening when he said he never supported a public option. Until that time I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Now his press secretary took this opportunity to let us know how irrelevant we all are.

  5. TMC

    It was put together by Dan Froomkin and Ben Craw of the Huffington Post: Obama v Obama


  6. Edger

    Did Gibbs fall on his sword to take the heat off his boss?

    1. Edger
  7. but my comment failed twice.

    It’s sort of relevant (this was the CT conspiracy diary about Gibbs’ statement.

    Sweetie, I’m with you! (0 / 0)

    The Chicago (freshwater) school of economics has been sadly wrong about everything, while the folks on the coast (call it the saltwater school of economics) have been prescient.

    Yes:  Roubini.  Stiglitz.  Krugman.  

    I would add (as reporters & columnists) Gretchen Morgenson and Floyd Norris of the NYT.

    Over the last 30 years, the Democrats have moved to the right, and the Republicans have moved into a mental hospital. — Bill Maher

    by Youffraita on Saturday, August 14, 2010 4:31:02 AM

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