Aug 12 2010

Gibbs Inserts Foot Deeper into His Mouth

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Well, if we on the Left had expected a contrite Robert Gibbs today, I hope everyone wasn’t too disappointed because today MR. Gibbs stood by his criticism of us and said he expects us to get out and vote in the Fall.

Speaking publicly for the first time since he disparaged the “professional left,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he stands by his comments, has no plans to resign and that he fully expects progressive voters to go to the polls in 2010.

“I don’t plan on leaving and there is no truth to the rumor that I’ve added an inflatable exit to my office,” the press secretary said during Wednesday’s briefing, referencing the recent incident in which a Jet Blue flight attendant bolted his plane in frustration.

Taking the podium after a day off to tend to a sore throat, Gibbs said he has not reached out to any Democrats to discuss his remarks, in which he chastised liberals for wanting to “eliminate the Pentagon” and pursue Canadian-style health care reform. Nor, he added, has he talked to the president about the matter.

Does he stand by the comments? “Yes,” he replied.

Jane Hamsher and Glenn Greenwald appeared on the Dylan Ratigan Show to discuss Gibbs’ dissing of the “professional left”

Heh. If Democratic voter turnout in the Colorado and Connecticut Primaries are any indication, there may indeed be a very rough road ahead for the White House. In Colorado, Bennet’s winning total of votes came in under both GOP contenders and in Connecticut, Democratic turn out was a mere 20% down from 43% in 2006.

From David Dayen at FDL

I guess Michael Bennet won his primary in Colorado yesterday, but his winning total of votes came in under both GOP contenders. The Connecticut Governor’s primary featured just 20% Democratic turnout. While I’ve seen a lot of talk about the positive results for Democrats in last night’s primaries, it seems to me the story is about the lack of participation on the Democratic side. Similarly, a new poll out of Ohio featured this set of quotes:


(Reuters) – Ohio Republican Rob Portman holds a narrow lead over Democrat Lee Fisher in a Senate race marked by voter worries about a stumbling economy and high unemployment, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday […]

   The poll confirmed national surveys showing Republicans have a big advantage in enthusiasm about the election, with 75 percent of registered Republicans in Ohio certain they will vote and only 52 percent of Democrats certain about voting.

   That could dramatically boost Republican turnout for November’s congressional elections, which typically have a lower turnout without a presidential election to build interest.

   “There is no momentum and no energy at all in the Democratic base,” Clark said.

(emphasis by DD)

Good Luck, Mr Gibbs, you may be changing you tune in November when disenfranchised Liberal, Independent and moderate Republicans who put you behind that podium with Pres. Obama’s election, decides to stay home, like they did in Massachusetts.


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  1. TMC
  2. My Senate choices are Sestak and Toomey.

    Sestak:  Smart

    Toomey:  Teabagger

    Of course I’m going to vote!

    I will also be voting against Joe Pitts for Congress, and for Lois Herr.  I think Lois is actually liberal/progressive rather than Blue Dog — but even a Blue Dog would be better than The Pitts.

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