“Even Jesus couldn’t save their souls”

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BP and the Feds have fooled America and the entire world into thinking the BP Gulf Oil Spill is over, that the beaches are clean and that the seafood is safe, and everything is OK.

Titled “The Gulf Oil Spill isn’t over!” here’s a little bit of mournful Louisiana blues to tell the real story.

Let’s make this one viral…

Uploaded to YouTube Oct. 02, 2010 by:

Holt Webb – writer/photographer & publisher of

The Vanishing America Project


a multi-year journey I’ve undertaken to use my skill as a photographer and a writer to promote conservation and raise awareness about what we are losing – our culture, our wildlife, and our landscape – in hopes that some of it will still be around for future generations to enjoy.

Hat tip to Alexander Higgins who for months on his blog has been collecting every bit of news you can imagine about the BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe.

Captions from the video:

   You’ve all seen Charlie Riedel’s dramatic images of the early days of the spill, and the massive show of force defining the cleanup efforts, to make sure the public would believe that all is going to be ok.

   But now BP is being allowed to scale back those efforts.

   As thousands of workers have been laid off and a hiring freeze has been instated American and the world is being led to believe that the oil spill is over.

   That our waters and beaches are clean, our marine life is healthy, and that our seafood is safe.

   But is not.

   How do I Know? Because I have been there from the coasts of Louisiana to the islands of Mississippi to the beaches of Pensacola, Florida.

   And my friends live there to and they are out there everyday trying to get someone to listen.

   Trying to get someone to help but no one is listening.

   We have a saying in the here in the South… “It ain’t over ’till it’s over.”

   And this isn’t over.

   Not by a long shot.

   Oil and dispersant is collecting on the seafloor.

   It saturates our marshes and our beaches.

   It is wreaking havoc on the future productivity of the Gulf.

   20 years later, Alaska is still feeling the impact of the Valdez spill.

   And that was only a fraction of what spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

   What does the next 20 years hold in store for the Gulf?

   How long do we have to suffer the consequences of a MAJOR DISASTER and a MINOR CLEANUP?

   Stop telling everyone that it’s all okay and CLEAN UP THE MESS

   Help rebuild what was destroyed and DO THE RIGHT THING.

   Our grandchildren are counting on us.


Special thanks to: Lorrie and Bubba Williams, Cherri Foytlin, Karen Hopkins, Kindra Arnesen, Gregg Hall, NASA, Drew Landry, Drew Wheelan, Denise Rednour, Alycia  Daumas, The US Coast Guard, Grand Isle State Park, Charlie Riedel/Associate Press


    • Edger on 10/04/2010 at 17:51

    and neither are the lies from BP and the government.

    • TMC on 10/05/2010 at 18:52

    Panel: Transocean not providing oil spill documents

    Co-chair of federal investigation panel says organization has failed to provide materials for two months

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