Apr 05 2011

2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship

No upsets.

Saturday’s Results

Seed Team Record Score Region Seed Team Record Score Region
8 *Butler 27 – 9 70 Southeast 11 Virginia Commonwealth 28 – 12 62 Southwest
3 *Connecticut 33 – 9 56 West 4 Kentucky 35 – 9 55 East

So this is it.  If you like rooting for the underdog Butler is your pick (BTW Dad- Indianapolis, Indiana).  Their Bulldog mascot got a special pass from the NCAA to be at tonight’s game and the Husky didn’t (I don’t even think they have a real live Husky mascot, it’s not like ‘Handsome Dan’ or ‘Lassie’ so it’s really no big deal).

On the other hand Connecticut has little enough to be proud about unless you think taking a piece of wood and selling it as Nutmeg is cool.  Or the Slave Trade and Cotton Gin.  Or Sewing Machine Sweat Shops.  Or Guns.

I do think the Connecticut Compromise was a good idea even though the Senate has become disfunctional.  It’s their own damn fault, there is no Constitutional basis for the filibuster other than allowing each house to set its own rules.

So I’ll be rooting for the team with the deeply stupid fight song again-

UConn Huskies

UConn Husky, symbol of might to the foe.

Fight, fight Connecticut, It’s vict’ry, Let’s go. (go. go. go)

Connecticut UConn Husky,

Do it again for the White and Blue

So go--go--go Connecticut, Connecticut U.


Connecticut, Conneticut Husky, Connecticut Husky

Connecticut C-O-N-N-U!

The Final

Seed Team Record Region Seed Team Record Region
3 Connecticut 33 – 9 West 8 Butler 27 – 9 Southeast

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