Apr 13 2011

I Guess that Kos has booted me.

I am not fooling anyone here.  I wrote for Kos for almost a decade, and got many excellent thoughts from the members there.  Now that site does not recognize me.  Perhaps it is an accident, but unless I find out better, I will not post there again.  I am torn, because many folks there kept me alive.

I am livid, however, that I get an error that I am not authorized to be there.  Well, to hell with them!  I contributed hundreds of articles there, and tens of thousands of comments and replies there as well.  I think that Markos took advantage of me, and I will not attempt to try to get back in those good graces.  I should have made $98 per hour delivering the information that I did.  I am GOOD!

I will not contribute anything to Kos tomorrow except to say that I am done there. I hope that DD and TSHG will make up for it.

Warmest regards,


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