Apr 16 2011

F1: Shanghai Qualifying

Once again I have unfortunately skipped the meaningless except for gossip Practice so I have little to report except for the scurrilous rumor (as always impeccably sourced) that Hamilton is dissatisfied with the McLaren hardware which as far as I can see is ahead of last season’s Red Bull chase that he almost won except for software (brain fart) failures by McLaren race management.  If he’s really decided to be a diva he’s lost my allegiance, does he expect Red Bull to dump Webber?  Nobody else is close.

Vettel dominated as predicted.

So we don’t know anything we didn’t already and the Shanghai circuit is equally a mystery except that the sinking has evidently passed inspection.

Tomorrow’s race at 2:30 am will not be preceded by anything special and will not be repeated until noon on Monday so Richard will just have to wait until then to read though I’m sure Grandma’s nurse will call him long before that to spoil it anyway.

I’ll spare you my insights from Sepang since they haven’t changed much, nor do I expect many surprises but if there are any I’ll document them below.

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