Jun 05 2011

Mangled History: Palin’s Version Of Revere’s Midnight Ride

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No bells, no whistles and no shots fired but some Tea Party revisionists will take the former Republican VP candidate, Sarah Palin on her word. Maybe if she would have had a clue if had checked Wikipedia, read the poem or even YouTube:

One If By Misstatement, Two If By Ignorant: Palin Gets an “F” in American History

It is tiresome to pick on Palin. She has taken more than her share of hits on matters of geography, newspaper reading, American allies and favorite founders. Even conservatives ridicule her — it was Glenn Beck who pressed her on the favorite founder issue.

There is little point to piling on after Beck has taken his shot.

Palin is not going to run for president because (as the polling makes abundantly clear) Republicans do not want her to be their candidate, because (as the polling makes even more abundantly clear) Americans would never elect her and because she is not about to give up her lucrative book, broadcasting and speaking fees to go back into public service.

It has ever been the case that Palin’s patriotism extends only so far as it benefits her own self-interest.

What is now equally evident, however, is that her historical bumbling is not a misstep here, a misstatement there. It is a pattern, a pattern of disconnection with and disinterest in the American story. Like so many politicians, she uses American history as a prop, not as inspiration, and certainly not as instruction.

It is astonishing that the ignorance of this woman and her counter part, Michelle Bachmann, garner this much attention from the MSM. Frankly, they are both embarrassing representations of women.

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