Vox Frustrati (Vol. 3): Limericks

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Vox Frustrati (Vol. 3): “Limericks”

This is Vox Frustrati, a voice for progressives everywhere.

Today we feature a selection of Limericks that cover the political landscape.To be followed in the future by several pieces on the war and the economy as well as more limericks that we receive from you.

The prisons are bursting their seams

But only in my wildest dreams

Is real justice done

For everyone

As the banksters are sentenced in teams

The banksters are such a vile breed

Dear God our prayer do please heed

With their worship of mammon

They’ve stolen the gammon

So please jail them all with great speed.

So Tim Geithner’s in charge of the cash

And our country he’s willing to trash

For his buddies the bankers

And all wall street wankers

Middle class down the tubes in a flash

And then we’ve got Helicopter Ben

With his mind boggling fiscular zen

Seems clueless of bubbles

and economic troubles

As he hides in his Fed reserve den

Mind you Summers has now left the town

No more advice from this greedmongering clown

He ruined things once

They rehired the dunce

Who could’ve predicted that things would go down?

We thought our prez was nobody’s fool

But of corporate goons he is a tool

If we could just trade his whine

For a really stiff spine

Well damn, that would really be cool

Our president, first name Barack

Had Osama shot and put in a sack

Then dropped in the deep

How Al Qaeda did weep

Now if he would only get out of Iraq

Obama’s the number one man

When campaigning he told us his plan

But he lied through his teeth

That’s really our beef

The last straw was Afghanistan

As it is only truth our President speaks

And we recall he said days not weeks

Then I can only say

There are 200 hours in each day

As in Tripoli havoc he wreaks

The Repugs are really the pits

They’d pull Social Security to bits

And Medicare too

And really screw you

As I’ve told you they really are shits

When Dems were true to their cause

They opposed the PATRIOT Act without pause

But these days we find

They’ve left honor behind

Can you hear the Neocons applause?

The unemployment lines grow day by day

As all of the jobs go away

You’d think it would be

A top priority

Of our leaders… but what can I say?

How sad our Department of J

Has taken a long Holiday

From justice for all

(Twas their oath I recall)

And lets all the worst perps get away

And speaking of that DOJ

On vacation it continues to play

And it turns a blind eye

To the worst felony

As the torturers all get away.

On one level these lyrics are laughable, loony, with a larkish lilt and lingering loquacity but as in vino veritas likewise so in humor where the vanished veracity of the vacillating visicissitudes of our vain, vulpine and venal VIPs is unveiled for voters to visualize.

© Vox Frustrati

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Vox Frustrati

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