Obama: Chump or Fraud?

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Herr Doktor Professor

Republicans are deeply, deeply concerned about the budget deficit; they believe that our nation’s future is at stake.

But they’re willing to sacrifice that future, not to mention risk the good faith and credit of the federal government, rather than accept so much as a single penny of tax increases as part of a deal.

(T)he GOP never cared about the deficit – not a bit. It has always been nothing but a club with which to beat down opposition to an ideological goal, namely the dissolution of the welfare state. They’re not interested, at all, in a genuine deficit-reduction deal if it does not serve that goal.

And everyone who has preached bipartisanship, who has called for a meeting of minds on the subject, is either a fraud or a chump.


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    • TMC on 06/25/2011 at 15:34

    last night on Countdown. He said that Obama was “the adult in the room” by sitting down and negotiating with the Republicans. If he were really the “adult”, he do exactly what Schuster suggested, use his “bully pulpit” and not cave to the Republican temper tantrum over the debt ceiling which should be raised with no strings attached.        

  1. Obviously Obama’s goal is to be the most effective Republican President ever.

  2. FAT, he’s got health care forever,

    he’ll make clinton’s $50 million in speaking fees post the white house look like chump change –

    IF he’s REALLY smart, he’ll do some John Dean / Robert McNamara / Russ Feingold / Tsongas mea culpa bullshit about how f’ked the system is and get a $25 or 50 million movie rights advance, and then start some save the world “charity / not for profit” which will allow him to jet around in a Gulfstream when wall street isn’t shipping him to london or jackson hole for some important confab.

    oh well, at least 0-bummer has freed me from ANY sense of obligation to the current crop of dim-0-fuck political pathetics and sell outs.


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