Mullah Rick Perry To Toss His Turban Into The Presidential Ring

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Fresh off his prayer event, The Response, Gov. Rick Perry will announce his candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination in South Carolina at the third annual RedState conference in Charleston. A lot of attention has been given to Perry’s connection to the event and Rachel Maddow in an extensive piece exposed the hate message that many of the so-called Christians were spreading as the crowds prayed and cheered.

One of the sponsors is a little known bizarre, evangelical group, the American Apostolic Reformation. Al Jazeera notes the AAR’s similarity to the Taliban. The group has been around awhile and was first noticed in the 2008 campaign when one of its most prominent practitioners, Kenyan witch-hunter Thomas Muthee, anointed Sarah Palin. AAR has bragged on line about destroying ancient Native American artifacts much like the Taliban did in Afghanistan with the destructions of the two colossal images of the Buddha in Bamiyan province in early 2001. The ultimate goal is to replace secular democracy, both in America and around the world, with a Christian theocracy, an ideology known as “dominionism”, striking similar to the Taliban and radical Islam. And this is the group that social conservative, religious zealot Rick Perry embraces.

In a long article, the Texas Observer describes them as “Rick Perry’s army of God”:

The new prophets and apostles believe Christians–certain Christians–are destined to not just take “dominion” over government, but stealthily climb to the commanding heights of what they term the “Seven Mountains” of society, including the media and the arts and entertainment world. They believe they’re intended to lord over it all. As a first step, they’re leading an “army of God” to commandeer civilian government.

On a lighter note, Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC,  Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, has produced its first two campaign ads in Iowa  targeting “Rick Parry”.


  1. about perry –

    I saw him on the idiot box news some weeks back – CBS or NBC or ABC, we don’t have cable –

    and he was all fired up

    and he was asking the crowd  (I paraphrase)

    ‘why do we even talk to the other side – they don’t agree with us – who cares about them !’ … or, ‘let’s just beat them’.

    I like to know what the other side is doing cuz I don’t want to step into their snares and snake pits and torture chambers and traps, AND, I want to know how to beat their flat earth asses!

    Perry isn’t ALL bad 😉  

    He has 1 good idea – he is using it for the wrong side and he applies to the … right … side 😉

    Someday … we’ll have something other than a bunch of Taylor Swift Dems pissing in their diapers while they sing “Mean”… ha ha ha … I hope.


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