Dec 07 2011

Love is Hard, but Rewarding

Alexis, only 34 months old today, had her tonsils removed.  As a scientist, I am not fully in agreement with that.  But her physician thought it the right thing to do.

Ashley, 19 years old, and the mother of Alexis, asked me to visit tonight.  I did!

We talked for a long time out in the cold, because we did not want to awaken Alexis because of her throat hurting.  We went inside, at Ashley’s request, because she could see that I was getting cold.

The two of us were very quiet.  We did not awaken Alexis.  She was just ready to awaken.

Our conversation went on for a while, and her mother was listening.  I am glad that she was.

Alexis awakened, but was in a very good and loving mood.  I think sometimes that she would want me to be her father.

Alexis held me around the neck when I needed to go home, and so did Ashley!  Alexis gave me a kiss on the cheek, and so did Ashley!  I think that, if I am very, very lucky, that Ashley and I might marry.

I love Ashley as a man would love a mate, and Alexis as a father would love a child.  I told Ashley that if she would marry me that I would adopt Alexis as my own daughter.

Please send hopeful thoughts!  I love them, and want them to be my family.

Warmest regards,


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  1. Translator, aka Dr. David W. Smith

    We will need them.

    Warmest regards,


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