Dec 16 2011

Because I Can Be a Sadistic Bastard, Too…

The corporate-owned media are all over the too-long-in-coming demise of right-wing extremist and liar Christopher Hitchens, whose cheerleading for the invasion and occupation of Iraq contributed nothing of value whatsoever to society.  And since we’re being forced to read and watch utter drivel instead of noting another reduction in the number of U.S. soldiers occupying Iraq (though we’re still maintaining the super-sized fortress embassy as well as thousands of mercenaries), I thought I’d kick you all while you’re down and embed the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Wail, and gnash your teeth.  Moohoohaha!

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  1. TMC

    was so incredibly wrong about Bush and Iraq, yet, he said things like this:

    Calling Henry Kissinger a ‘war criminal’ is not an epithet, it’s a job description.

    As much as I disagreed with him on Iraq, I did like him when he showed up on Real Time with Bill Maher, especially when they would start on religion. Everyone knew he was craving a cigarette and sipping scotch in that mug. One minute I would be throwing stuff at the TV, the next LMAO. People either loved him or hated him but acknowledged that he was a brilliant writer with a quick mind and wicked wit.

    I don’t know if there is an afterlife, I strongly suspect not, but we will all find out one day. Blessed Be.

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