2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: Regional Finals Day 1

Bill Orange is upon the sidelines

With a megaphone and flag in hand.

He leads the crowd to cheer like demons,

All up and down the old grandstand;

And as the ball is moving goal-ward

Each yard that’s gained he’s marking well

It’s worth while to play for Old Bill Orange

For win or lose you’ll always hear him yell:


“Get in the game to win, boys,

Ev’ry blessed mother’s son of you;

Stand firm along the line,boys,

Watch the ball, this time it’s going through.

Last night the sun set orange,

Omen ever sure and true,

Get in the game and win , boys,

Old Syracuse, she calls to you!”

Last Night’s Results

Result Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
75-70 3 *Baylor 30-7 10 Xavier 23-13 South
73-65 1 *North Carolina 32-5 13 Ohio 29-8 Midwest
102-90 1 *Kentucky 35-2 4 Indiana 27-9 South
60-57 2 *Kansas 30-6 11 NC State 24-13 Midwest

Tonight’s Action-

Time Network Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
4:30 pm CBS 4 Louisville 27-9 7 Florida 23-10 West
7 pm CBS 1 Syracuse 32-2 2 Ohio State 28-7 East


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  1. Thriller.  Louisville was down 11 with 8 to play.

  2. Ugh.

  3. Idiot.

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