Apr 04 2012

2012 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship

There is absolutely no reason Notre Dame should not win tonight.  They showed against Connecticut that they are willing and able to put other team’s players into foul trouble and Baylor is only half a team.  When Brittney sits they should be able to put it out of reach.

In the grander scheme I think one of the things Soapblox is best suited for is limited time event live blogging.  It’s unfortunate that there is no auto-refresh, but even dK has not been able to duplicate the immediacy of peeder’s Ajax Commenting System.  If there is sufficient volume and activity however this shortcoming is less pronounced.  Some even prefer the relaxed atmosphere where you are not subject to the expectation of instant defense.

The solution to all problems is to write more and often as TheMomCat suggests.  Frequently people complain about the lack of exposure and response, yet careful examination suggests that even at a high traffic site like dK actual page views of member submissions is not much higher than you can achieve here or at DocuDharma.

There are two things I think are a shame, which is that people get discouraged and that they don’t proliferate and promote their work.  I can’t do much to change the perception that comments equate to attention (though it’s not at all true), but I would urge you to consider the effect on your readership and impact of publishing at multiple places over a span of time on the issues you are passionate about.  Each site has its own audience and each posting gives you the opportunity to re-promote.

We’ll continue our coverage of special events here at The Stars Hollow Gazette (my next nightmare is the Summer Olympics) and you are more than welcome to contribute pieces about your particular interests.  It’s really not that hard.

Hype starts at 7:30 pm on ESPN.  Game @ 8:30.

Semifinal Results-

Result Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
59-47 1 *Baylor 39-0 Mid West 1 Stanford 34-2 West
83-75 1 *Notre Dame 33-3 South 1 UConn 31-5 East

Tonight’s Action-

Seed Team Record Region Seed Team Record Region
1 Notre Dame 33-3 South 1 Baylor 39-0 Mid West

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