Election 2012: Let the Games Begin

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Rick Santorum is out, bloodied and bruised by Mitt Romney’s onslaught of negative campaign ads. Mitt is the presumed heir apparent. The Obama campaign machine has already begun to focus their attacks on Romney. The problem for voters, there is little light between them on policy.

By his own admission, Barack Obama has embraced conservative ideas and policies, some that are straight out of the Heritage Foundation. In his article chastising the Obama DOJ for siding with corporately owned prisons on strip searches, Glenn Greenwald out the facts about Obama’s neo-con policies:

In a speech to the Associated Press today, President Obama boasted that his signature domestic policies were basically conservative (he labeled them “centrist”): his individual mandate, he said, was pioneered by conservatives and the Heritage Foundation; his cap-and-trade policy was first proposed by Bush 41; federal spending is lower now than it was during any year of the Reagan administration, etc. Even the successes most touted by his supporters – the Detroit bailout, TARP, the withdrawal from Iraq – were started by Bush 43. Obama’s foreign policy and civil liberties assaults also, of course, were largely shared by his predecessor and are frequently praised by the Right.

Dick Cheney has been especially pleased with Obama’s covering up war crimes and prosecuting more whistle blowers than any other president under the Espionage Act, letting the criminals walk free.

Up with Chris: With the election in sight, Obama directs attacks at Romney

The Up w/ Chris Hayes panel of Newsweek/Daily Beast contributor Michelle Goldberg, The Nation.com editor Richard Kim, playwright and author Esther Armah, and MSNBC Political Analyst Jonathan Alter, weigh in on how they expect the president to frame his campaign message against Romney.

The next seven months are going to be nauseatingly boring. The four years after that are going to be even worse no matter which of the two candidates for president is elected.  


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    • TMC on 04/11/2012 at 16:29
  1. The next seven months are going to be nauseatingly boring. The four years after that are going to be even worse no matter which of the two candidates for president is elected.

    Something has to got to give and pretty soon.

    I think if Obama does win this year, that there is no way that any Democrat will in 2016.  I just can’t see that happening.

  2. I’d like to be at a town hall style debate and ask:

    Governor Romney – Do you believe Waterboarding is torture, and that President Obama is too weak and unprincipled to enforce the Law against it? and I have a follow up.

    Maybe if I was lucky enough and not thrown out immediately, I’d ask the follow up to his pro torture answer. I’d ask:

    So you would be just as weak and unprincipled as President Obama or more weak and unprincipled?

    It would be fun if I caught Romney when he was tired and off his game. I’d love to see a gaffe-

    When a politician accidentally tells the truth.

  3. who’ve been fracked over just in the last 4 years, nevermind the last 10 or 20 or 30…

    a huge percentage of them – probably a majority – have taken a tumble off the  upward ladder, and are soooooooooooooooooooo busy trying to keep their nose above water, AND soooooooooo busy deluding themselves that 1 phone call away is that job offer back to where they were on the ladder —

    they’re gonna put any time or effort or money into rocking the boat?

    another huge percentage took a hit, know someone in the first group, and … they’re gonna jump up and rock the boat?

    while it is inexcusable that more people watched the NFL Stupor Bowl than will vote in Nov., ummmmmm … after decades of sell outs, it is hard for people to say they’ll vote for their pet rock over 0bummer or that right wing stooge romney.


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