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Scientists send open letter to anti-GM protesters pleading with them not to destroy ‘years of work’

Charlie Cooper, The Independent

Wednesday 02 May 2012

Scientists working on a new generation of genetically modified crops have sent an open letter to anti-GM protesters pleading with them not to destroy “years of work” by attacking their research plots.

The pheromone exuded by the new strain of “whiffy” wheat is naturally produced by “frightened” aphids as a warning signal to deter other aphids. However, activists claim that the wheat contains an artificial gene “most similar to a cow” and that open air trials represent an “imminent contamination threat to the local environment and the UK wheat industry”.

Matt Thomson, from Take the Flour Back, told The Independent yesterday that action against the Rothamsted site would go ahead as planned.

“The concerns that we have are not addressed in this letter,” he said. “The way that Rothamsted have publicised this trial has been patronising. This wheat contains genes that are not naturally occurring.” Mr Thomson said that the allegation about cow genes in the wheat had come from comments made by a Rothamsted scientist.

CA: Genetically Modified Food Labeling Initiative Likely to Make the Ballot

By: Jon Walker, Firedog Lake

Wednesday May 2, 2012 12:28 pm

If approved, the initiative would require food that is sold at retail outlets to be labeled if it contains ingredients that have been genetically engineered. The information would be included below the product’s ingredient list.  The measure would not require such labeling for foods that are not packaged or food prepared for immediate consumption, i.e. at restaurants.  The campaign claims there are already 50 other countries, including those in the European Union, that require similar labeling.

This initiative could easily have implications well beyond California, given the incredible size of the California market. Roughly 12% of the country lives in the state. It is possible companies will not want to deal with the added cost and difficulty of doing two different labels, one for California and one for the rest of the country.  As a result they might start labeling the presence of genetically engineered food all over the country.  Either way, expect an intense battle if this initiative qualifies for the ballot.

CT Needs Immediate HELP To Pass A Mandatory GMO Labeling Law: Time Is Running Out (email)

Institute for Responsible Technology

Monday, April 30, 2012 6:45 PM

The CT GMO labeling bill is still waiting to be called by the Connecticut House Legislature.  We deserve the right to know what foods contain GMOs so that we may have the ability to choose whether or not to feed GMOs to our families.  If CT HB 5117, the mandatory GMO labeling bill, is not called for a vote before May 9th, the bill will die. needs YOUR help to get this bill passed.  Regardless of what state you live in,  HB 5117 will affect you! If CT can lead the way for GMO labeling legislation, other states will follow.  If this bill is defeated, it will deter other states from attempting to pass similar legislation and the Biotech industry will have yet another victory.

Right To Know CT will be holding a rally at the Capitol building in Hartford this Friday, May 4th, from 11:30 to 1:00.  If you live in a neighboring state, your presence at the rally is encouraged.

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