Liberal Party (Part 3)

Establishment Dems Proving Themselves Clueless in Washington’s 1st District Race

By David Neiwert, Crooks and Liars

May 16, 2012 06:00 PM

If you want a classic example of the way Establishment Democrats are perfectly tone-deaf when it comes to the concerns of the working families they like to flatter themselves as representing, take a look at how the race in Washington’s brand-spanking-new First District is shaping up, particularly on the Democratic side.

Because instead of backing Darcy Burner, the progressive candidate with far and away the greatest name recognition and a record of working for working-class families and their interests — particularly when it comes to things like protecting Medicare and Social Security, and getting their children out of war zones — the state’s establishment Dems seem to be lining up behind Susan DelBene, a pro-business faux-progressive Dem with little popular support but very deep pockets.

Evidently, it’s all about the money. In a year when Democrats should be listening to the anger of their constituents at the failure of Washington politicians to take care of the interests of ordinary people, these dimbulbs are going back to politics as usual and backing the candidate with the deepest pockets, not the deepest support among voters.


  1. apparently DelBene’s hubby is some Microsoft big shot with shitloads of money, and, unless you live in the Pacified Northwest, it is impossible to describe the spineless, craven cowering to all things Microsoft, Paul Allen, Billy The Great Gate$, Bezos –

    although, clearly, if you and I were successful like the right people in the right ‘hoods with the right jobs – well, we’d live in the right ‘hoods and have the right jobs TOO! and then we’d know what the successful people know, and we’d know why our successful conventional wisdom isn’t … lapdog groupthink.

    The Washington Education Association endorsed Del-Sell-0ut cuz … she’ll be real good telling us all about the latest austerity horseshit destroying community investment …? Too many teacher “leaders” are political naifs who can be made comfy with a seat at the kidde table as long as they have their “Politics For Teletubbies” manual, their spork, their sippy cup, their bib and their mush?


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