Third Way Electoral Victory!

Florida: Hundreds of eligible citizens in Miami-Dade Co alone told they are ineligible to vote

By Gaius Publius, Americablog

5/29/2012 09:15:00 AM

So how does this play out? Here’s one way – Falsely disenfranchized Floridians appeal to Obama’s Justice Dept. Eric Holder makes noises that “this is an outrage.” Republicans make noises that “this is just political, and besides (shh, Holder has, well, melatonal ties that disqualify his etc., but shh).”

The White House, certain of November victory anyway, decides to back down. No need to ruffle R feathers.

Holder then makes all the right public noises, but does little to actually block this. (My best guess at the explanation: it’s a matter for “the courts,” plus something about the “states.”)

I really really want to be wrong. Let’s watch together, shall we? 115,000 purged eligible voters isn’t small beer.


  1. down to the fishing hole to do miracles –

    I thought there was a FABULOUS opportunity to make the f’king elections in this country work —–

    ha ha ha

    oh well, I thought there was a FABULOUS opportunity to do something about health care a couple of years ago with Clinton … ooops! that was 19 years ago, and it was 0bummer who screwed the pooch 2 years ago!

    I am NOT blaming the f’king fascists for doing their job –

    I’m blaming myself for voting for lying yuppie fucking sell outs for decades, AND, BTW – I’m blaming the fucking sell outs.

    Not a penny or a dime,

    Not a second of time,

    Not a vote.

    Fuck ’em.


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