Jul 04 2012

Our 2nd Blogaversary: I Still Have Stuff

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Yes, I still have “Stuff” and as you can see from our two years at The Stars Hollow Gazette, I’ve stored quite a lot of it right here. Among ek hornbeck, myself and our good friends, we have written 5962 diaries in the last 24 months. That’s an average of 8 diaries per day. That’s a lot of “stuff” and we are no where near done.

And my bookmarks, they still have “stuff” I should relegate to the trash bin but if I could just remember why I saved it in the first place. Like this one: The Original Fairy Name Generator

This is my “fairy’ name Columbine Icedancer

She protects the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged.

She lives in mushroom fields and quiet meadows.

She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup.

She wears lilac and purple like columbine flowers and has icy blue butterfly wings.

I want to thank all those who have written diaries, especially, our good friends Translator, davidseth, BruceMcF and the writers of Anti-Capitalist Meetup who have become our “regulars”. Thank you for putting your “stuff” here.

And most of all thank you to everyone for reading all of this “stuff.”

Feel free to store your “stuff” here.

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