Jul 21 2012

F1 2012: Hockenheim Qualifying


Thank goodness this is the last tape delayed broad cast on Faux this season because it’s just impossible to keep up with the point paying positions without using Speed Racecast and that is live though there is some update lag.

Then you have to watch it to sync them up.

These are the same tricks I used for Valencia and Silverstone.

The good news is that it’s not quite as damp as Silverstone was.  In the morning Practice the weather wasn’t so bad and they were able to turn some laps on the Softs.  It rained all afternoon and the only tires that would work were the Inters.  This is kind of a problem because lots of teams have mid-season aero replacements that have never been tried.

Did I mention mid season?

Yup, race 10 of 20 followed next week by Hungary and then Formula One takes August off entirely.

If the race is run on dry tires the choices on offer are Mediums and Softs.  Hockenheim is known for a lot of brake and tire wear because of its high speed straights and tight corners.

Kobayashi was fined 25k euros for hitting 3 crewmen at Silverstone.  Maldonado received a 10k euro fine for wacking Perez.

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