Aug 31 2012

2012 Republican National Convention: Day 4

Well Ann Romney is still the best speaker overall with Huckabee clearly second and Rice and Ryan about tied.  Christie slides to 5th just ahead of Pawlenty.  Everyone else is reality show bad or worse.

Remember my points are given on presentation not substance so the fact that Ryan’s speech was such a comprehensive compendium of lies that even inoffensive little words like ‘a’, ‘and’, and ‘the’ were overwhelmed by the onslaught is immaterial to the score.

Of course tonight we have our special super secret guest speaker which rumors say will be Clint Eastwood.  I must say if true I consider this a mistake from 2 standpoints.  Firstly I’m not sure ‘Dirty Harry’ Callahan is sufficiently ardent for the Party at this particular stage and secondly he’ll make Romney look bad.  He’s already going to have competition enough from Jeb Bush who wouldn’t even be on the stage except for his institutional strength.

I think actually that will be the speech to watch tonight.  Jon is not kidding when he calls this a rehearsal for ’16 because no one with any brains (and I had to set the bar that low to include the Villager Idiots) thinks there is a path to electoral victory for Mitt.  What we have seen so far is the chaotic evil of the id raging anti-fairies (Fairly Odd Parents, I stand by my metaphor), Jeb is the face of the soul sucking pixies and they own this town.

There are reports that ratings are tanking and the enthusiasm among the delegates distinctly down.  Other factors are contributing (Isaac) and will no doubt be blamed by those looking for excuses, but what I’m feeling is a huge emotional black hole at the center of all of this and his name is Barack Obama.

Reagan was sunshiny optimism and hope on a hill.  He had goals, evil goals but still goals.  These guys have nothing but hate, resentment, and fear.  They won’t talk about their program for America because people justifiably don’t like it.  Huge majorities, even in their own party.

However Democrats are just as bad.  One of the reasons Paul Ryan is an evil hypocritical liar is that he voted against the Bowles/Simpson report.  We should be thanking him instead.

The politicians are afraid of democracy.  Since 2006 every election has been a “change” election and attrition has replaced many of the less firmly entrenched.  There is no reason not to expect this trend to continue until conditions improve.

I’ve been watching the action on CSPAN and I highly recommend it as complete and mercifully pundit free.

7:00 p.m.

  • Convention convenes
  • Call to order
  • Introduction of Colors US Central Command Joint Forces Color Guard Team
  • Pledge of Allegiance by Dylan Nonaka
  • National Anthem sung by SEVEN
  • Invocation by Ken and Priscilla Hutchins
  • Remarks by U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (FL)
  • Reagan Legacy Video
  • Remarks by Newt and Callista Gingrich
  • Remarks by Craig Romney

8:00 p.m.

  • Remarks by Governor former Jeb Bush (FL)
  • Remarks by Bob White, chairman of Romney for President campaign
  • Remarks by Grant Bennett
  • Remarks by Tom Stemberg

9:00 p.m.

  • Remarks by former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey
  • Remarks by Jane Edmonds, former Massachusetts Secretary of Workforce
  • Remarks by Olympians Michael Eruzione, Derek Parra and Kim Rhode

10:00 p.m.

  • Remarks by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (FL)
  • Remarks by presidential nominee Mitt Romney
  • Benediction by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan
  • Adjournment


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  1. ek hornbeck
  2. ek hornbeck

    I told you 7:30 last night.

  3. ek hornbeck
  4. ek hornbeck
  5. ek hornbeck

    Callista won’t let him out of her sight.

  6. ek hornbeck
  7. ek hornbeck
  8. ek hornbeck
  9. ek hornbeck
  10. ek hornbeck
  11. ek hornbeck
  12. ek hornbeck

    of the “Swedish” doctor on Childrens Hospital who did all her lines by rote phonetically.

  13. ek hornbeck
  14. ek hornbeck
  15. ek hornbeck
  16. ek hornbeck

    Bad policy, but no Barack bashing.

  17. ek hornbeck
  18. ek hornbeck


    Yup, you choose your fire department and your roads too.

  19. ek hornbeck
  20. ek hornbeck
  21. ek hornbeck

    Jeb could move up.

  22. mishima

  23. ek hornbeck
  24. ek hornbeck
  25. ek hornbeck
  26. ek hornbeck
  27. ek hornbeck

    He’s not a Borg.  Honest.

  28. ek hornbeck
  29. ek hornbeck
  30. ek hornbeck
  31. ek hornbeck
  32. ek hornbeck
  33. ek hornbeck
  34. TMC

    If you have a serious problem and you know Mitt Romney personally, you’re golden.

  35. ek hornbeck
  36. ek hornbeck
  37. TMC


  38. ek hornbeck
  39. TMC

  40. TMC

    Shorter Staples head. We’ve hired hundreds of thousands of people to make $18,000 a year. What’s wrong with that?  

  41. TMC

    They were the ones that told employee mothers that they couldn’t nurse their babies.  

  42. ek hornbeck
  43. TMC

    : I admire people who comfort sick children. I also admire people who try to ensure they get healthcare.  

  44. ek hornbeck

    They’re wasting a whole lot of time on it.

  45. TMC

    Bain’s investment in GST Steel — Another Obama TV ad accused Bain of leaving GST Steel in poor shape. “Mitt Romney and his partners loaded it with debt, closed the Kansas City plant and walked away with a healthy profit, leaving hundreds of employees out of work with their pensions in jeopardy.” We found that claim was largely accurate, but needed some clarification. The plant’s closure happened after Romney had left daily management at Bain, though he led Bain during six years of its majority investment in the plant. And other, outside factors were at work that made the steel industry a tough business. We rated this statement Mostly True.


  46. ek hornbeck
  47. TMC
  48. TMC

    When people found out I was Mitt Romney’s Lt. Governor, they always ask the same thing: “Why aren’t you governor now?”  

  49. ek hornbeck
  50. TMC

    Why are they lauding Romney for giving government moey to students to go to government-funded schools? That’s awesomely liberal.

  51. TMC

    Mitt’s friends say he’s honest, so stop asking for his tax returns

  52. TMC
  53. ek hornbeck
  54. ek hornbeck
  55. ek hornbeck
  56. ek hornbeck
  57. TMC

    Instead we get a gold medal gunner.

  58. TMC

    the house would go f—ing nuts if they walked Rafalca on the stage right now  

  59. TMC

    Taylor Hicks didn’t build that. American Idol voters did.  

  60. TMC

    Remember when we beat the Soviets in that game once? Republicans still think about that when they drink at night.  

  61. TMC

    Do Republicans believe in team sports? Doesn’t seem like a very Ayn Rand thing to like.  

  62. TMC

    Oh my God. Are they all going to talk?  

  63. TMC

    Where’s Rudy?

  64. TMC

    riding Rafalka

  65. ek hornbeck
  66. TMC

    Remember those brief few days when Newt Gingrich made sense  

  67. TMC
  68. ek hornbeck
  69. ek hornbeck
  70. TMC
  71. TMC

    Bill Kristol admitted Paul Ryan doesn’t believe in tax fairness, only used the phrase to obscure deeply regressive Romney-Ryan agenda.

  72. TMC

    These people are clueless

  73. TMC
  74. TMC
  75. ek hornbeck


  76. ek hornbeck
  77. TMC
  78. ek hornbeck
  79. TMC

    You’re ragging #Obama’s carbon footprint while stumping for a man with CAR ELEVATOR, Clint? Really?! #GOP2012

  80. TMC

    Wait, Eastwood said that attorneys shouldn’t be president? What about Mitt’s law degree?

    Hey Clint? Abe Lincoln was an attorney

  81. TMC

    Bring back Clint! More Clint!!! More invisible Obamas!!! This sequel sucks.  

  82. TMC

    Rubio: For most of our human history almost everyone was poor. And that’s the vision Mitt wants to take us back to

  83. TMC

    Didn’t realize Marco Rubio was a televangelist

  84. TMC

    Didn’t realize Marco Rubio was a televangelist  

  85. TMC

    “To whom much was given, much will be required,” said the guy introducing a man who inherited millions.

  86. ek hornbeck
  87. ek hornbeck
  88. ek hornbeck
  89. ek hornbeck

    I don’t need to know that much more about Mitt.

  90. ek hornbeck

    And a women problem.

  91. ek hornbeck
  92. ek hornbeck
  93. ek hornbeck
  94. ek hornbeck
  95. ek hornbeck
  96. ek hornbeck
  97. ek hornbeck
  98. ek hornbeck
  99. ek hornbeck
  100. ek hornbeck
  101. ek hornbeck

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