Apathy Generation: Snakes on a Plane!

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“If you’re not outraged, you’re just not paying attention.”

I’m not sure if it’s outrage fatigue, (heaven knows the Fox folks have been in a fever ever since a black man went in the Whitehouse through the front door) or if it’s the constant main stream brain washing:

~It can only get worse.

~Poor people who don’t work hard enough get what they deserve.

~Formerly middle class people who become poor, didn’t work hard enough.

~Government can’t afford to help people.

~Sacrifices need to be made, but not by rich people & corporations.

~Compromise = electoral victory.

~Sanctimonious purists are fucking retards. Ignore them.

~Equal protection under the Law, is more like a suggestion.

But it seems to me, along side of the deepening cynicism, acceptance of hypocrisy, and the general feeling of helplessness, that people are getting a bit more cranky.

hmm. Imagine that…

Oh yeah, snakes on the mother fucking plane.

Recently I was catching a connecting flight through the Atlanta airport. After a typically bumpy touchdown we began the slow roll to the gate. You could feel it in the air. Anger.

Cell phones turned on. Personal items not in the overhead compartments gathered. One hand one the seat belt, nearly everyone staring at the light waiting for the okay. Aisle seated passengers coiled and ready to spring out like a jack in the box.


“Excuse Me!”


“You just Pushed me in the back!”

“You Hit me in the head with your bag!”

“Well I can see that your Mother raised you Right!”

“Oh and You’re just Super polite Yourself!”

“Well maybe we’ll run into each other outside this plane and You’ll get what’s comin!”

“Maybe we Will!”

“I say we go Right Now!”

All of this happening immediately behind me. I couldn’t bring myself to look back. These assholes were going to cause an incident and make us all even later. Now I was getting mad. I wasn’t alone. This whole thing wasn’t going to help anyone get off the plane any quicker. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE just wanted to vaporize these two guys. You could feel it.

I think they did too. There was a change. Suddenly it was a full scale polite-off. The contest was on.

“After you”

“No, after you”

“I insist, after you”

and on and on it went while I kept a close eye on the air sickness bag.

I’ve never seen the movie Snakes on a Plane. I’ve only seen the trailer. I can’t imagine it could be much worse.

Imagine that.

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    • on 06/10/2013 at 18:40

    getting mad, all at once.

    They may say I’m a dreamer… nah nah naah n nah na naaah or something like that.

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