Jun 30 2013

Formula One 2013: Silverstone

Let me start out by saying this is an odd weekend, what with the start of Le Tour and all.  Silverstone takes a decided back seat in coverage by its new network, NBCSports, and Qualifying was on tape delay while the race itself moves to CNBC (a good fit actually).

It is the debut of the new construction Pirellis and fiddly aero bits from the wind tunnel wonks.  The goal is to have the minimum amount of down force on the faster tracks.

On offer are the Hards and Mediums.  As it turns out all Pirelli has done is slap on some stronger glue.  NO Kevlar!  Perez suffered a spectacular delamination in practice but that was just a sidewall puncture so not a big deal (hmm…).

Van der Garde qualified 21st but was penalised five grid spots for causing a collision at the previous round.  di Resta qualified 5th but excluded for underweight car.  Allowed to start from back of grid.

The BIG news is that Mark Webber has had it and is leaving Formula One and Ricciardo is ready to fill his shoes.

My personal opinion is that drivers don’t matter as much as the cars (though I acknowledge Alonso is an effective counter-argument in that he always drives better than his iron).

I meant to write more but my machine is steadily deteriorating under the noted Flash Player failure and I’ve had to devote considerable time to upgrades and tweaking.  Sigh, always at periods of great stress. I’ll try to update as we move along.

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