Dec 09 2013

Nights from the Alhambra

Nights from the Alhambra

Nights from the Alhambra was recorded in 2006, before a live audience by Canadian singer, song writer and harpist Loreena McKennitt at the Palace of Charles V, in the Alhambra, Granada, Spain for the PBS series “Great Performances.”


  1. TMC
  2. Very haunting.

    It sounds very Middle Eastern.  Similar to some of the Greek music I grew up with (much of which, itself, sounds like a lot of Arabic and Turkish music- not surprising, really).

  3. sj

    since I discovered her album “The Visit” in the 90’s.

    At Christmas I put together some music for the family, getting requests from family members using a theme of some sort. One of this year’s themes is “female vocalist”. I have already chosen her song “The Highwayman” in honor of the brother that I lost. He’s the one who made me sit down and listen to it, although I already had the album.

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