Dec 15 2013

Rant of the Week: Lewis Black – The Disappointing Future

Back in Black – The Disappointing Future

Lewis Black feels let down by a future that several doctors told him he would not live to see.


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  1. MO Blue

    IMO there definitely needs to be more funny rants on the net.

  2. MO Blue

    digby has posted this gq profile in tribute:

    I followed the waiters into O’Toole’s bedroom with trepidation. The scene had changed. The bed was now empty, the bathroom door ajar. There were bubbles – lots of bubbles – lapping against the carpet, a wall of steam and an overwhelming sickly smell.

    “Peter? Everything okay?” I enquired nervously. “Your breakfast has arrived.”

    “I think…” Long dramatic pause. “I think… I think… Lazarus is slowly rising from the dead,” he announced mischievously, spitting out each syllable with exaggerated voice projection, volume and enunciation before appearing through the mist like an apparition.

    He was naked, had an oversized powder puff the size of a Frisbee in one hand and was liberally covering himself and the room with Penhaligon’s Bluebell talcum powder.

    “Autograph, boys?” he asked the trio of stunned waiters.

    Also a good write up by AP posted on ABC.

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