Jul 05 2014

Thank Democrats

(2 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Got NDAA? Thank democrats. Got a collapsed economy? Thank democrats. Got Obama? Thank democrats.

Going back to Iraq? Thank democrats. It’s not a war, you’re just bombing kids? Thank democrats.

Don’t have a republican in the white house so you don’t have to pretend for years to be opposed to all the reeking republican neocon assholianist crap the democrat in the white house does? Thank the democrat in the white house.

Got unprecedented deportations? Thank democrats. Got unprecedented oil drillling? Thank democrats. Got unprecedented persecution of whistleblowers? Thank democrats.

Got Chained CPI? Thank democrats. Got TPP? Thank democrats. Got XL Keystone Pipeline? Thank democrats. Got NDAA on steroids? Thank democrats.

Got a collapsing climate and global ecology? Thank democrats.  

Got hordes of pathetic democratic shills and wind up obots handily yelling “OMFG! Look over there!! Republicans!!!” to desperately try to change the subject to anything but the pathetic reality of democrats and their shills every time somebody points out the pathetic reality of democrats and their shills? Thank democrats.

Getting Hillary? Thank fuckin’ democrats.

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