TBC: Morning Musing 10.6.14

For this Monday, I give you a few articles that I read over the weekend.

First, an excellent Op-Ed call out of the Catholic Church and their rampant hypocrisy:

The Church’s Gay Obsession

Their moralizing is selective, bigoted and very sad. It’s also self-defeating, because it’s souring many American Catholics, a majority of whom approve of same-sex marriage, and because the workers who’ve been exiled were often exemplars of charity, mercy and other virtues as central to Catholicism as any guidelines for sex. But their hearts didn’t matter. It was all about their loins. Will the church ever get away from that?


Second up, an article that exemplifies stupidity from my stupid state:

Louisiana Parish Claims Incarcerated 14-Year-Old Consented to be Raped by a Corrections Officer

A Louisiana parish is arguing that it should not be held liable for the rape of a 14-year-old girl in a juvenile detention center because the victim “consented” to be sexually assaulted by a 40-year-old corrections officer at the facility.

Last up, for those of us who deal with rapid battery drain on the iPhone, some good tips:

6 Easy Ways To Get More Battery Life With iOS 8

By now, you’re probably familiar with the new bells and whistles of iOS8. But all those new features also come with new ways to accidentally drain your iPhone’s battery life — a horror too many people too often face.

So what should you do to make sure your iPhone doesn’t die on you? We’ve gone through and figured out exactly which new adjustments you need to make.

So how you doin’ this Monday?