Superb Owl LIVe

Ok. 9ers. They have a female Offensive Co-ordinator (what we used to call a Coach or an Assistant Coach).

Plus, they are likely to win.

So the Chiefs have Mahones. He’s arguably the best there is at the moment and while he’s going up against one of the premier Pass Rushes in the NFL it’s not particularly suited to thwart his game if he throws short and quick.

On the other hand the 9ers Kyle Shanahan (he’s a Coach, not a Quarterback) is going to destroy the Chiefs’ Defense and it’s hard to say how good Jimmy Garoppolo is because anyone can make a Mercedes look racy but only Fernando Alonso can make a brick of a Ferrari seem so.

Metaphor too Formula One for you (don’t get me wrong, Hamilton is better and nicer than most but he doesn’t exceed the iron the way Alonso does)? Football is a sport you play with your feet, Brazilians call it “O Jogo Bonito”. This is why I expect “Throwball” to go viral any day now and instead of the CFL and NFL we’ll be talking about the CTL and NTL (the NBA wouldn’t change because “Bouncy” has the same initial letter as “Basket”. Where are the Baskets Varus?).

Truth told though, were I a Coach I’d spend any amount of money on a Kicker who could nail it from our 25. More points are scored by Kickers than Quarterbacks.

There are certainly a lot of reasons to hate on the NFL as an institution from CTE to Domestic Violence to Steroid Abuse and Firearms Felonies (not unlinked to the Domestic Violence) to Kaepernick (who Started the Superb Owl in 2012 for the 9ers, just saying), and the new Pass Interference Rules but perhaps the saddest thing about it is this-

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see another Superb Owl in Miami ever again because it will be underwater from Global Warming.

Miami can have one last Super Bowl, as a treat
By Zoya Teirstein, Grist
Jan 31, 2020

The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will face each other in the Super Bowl on Sunday in Miami. The game will only last a few hours, but Florida is just beginning a decades-long war with a foe that can’t be beat: sea-level rise. If emissions continue to rise unchecked, Miami’s football stadium could be flooded with standing water and America’s holiest championship game will have to be played somewhere else.

For a sneak peek at what Miami Garden’s Hard Rock Stadium, the venue for Super Bowl LIV, could look like in a few decades, look no further than Florida’s coastline. Nearly 600,000 people in South Florida face “extreme” or “high” risk from sea-level rise, according to the Trump administration’s 4th National Climate Assessment. Already, the sea level around Florida is 8 inches higher than it was 70 years ago. Over the past decade, the rate of acceleration has sped up. Florida seas are now rising an inch every three years. Floods are inundating low-lying cities like Miami even on sunny days.

A new report from Climate Central — an organization that analyzes how climate change affects the public — shows that Hard Rock Stadium, between 4 and 6 feet above sea level, is likely to experience some of this flooding in the coming century. It’s not just the football field that’s at risk of getting swamped by climate change. Local roads, the stadium’s $135 million training facility, the tennis center, and parking lots will face higher odds of being submerged.

Developers recently completed a three-year-long, $500 million renovation of the stadium. But the stadium’s state-of-the-art canopy and high-definition screens won’t save it when the floods come. The Hard Rock Stadium property has at the very least, a 1 percent chance of being submerged by rising seas every year by 2070 if the world continues emitting greenhouse gases business-as-usual. By 2090, the risk of the stadium experiencing serious flooding each year rises to 10 percent.

Remember, this is likely an underestimate. A 2019 U.N. report found that the kind of floods this report is talking about will occur in Miami every year as soon as 2050. Plus, the Climate Central analysis didn’t account for rain-induced flooding, seepage, backed-up storm drains, or other reasons why water might make its way into low-lying areas.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Wait, that’s the one I always think of. You might have been expecting this-

I’m afraid it’s not much more cheerful if you listen to the lyrics though the tune is catchy. Yes I have Genuine People Personality (® Sirius Cybernectics Corporation, “Share and Enjoy”), I was a prototype.

Why do you ask?


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  1. Bahsten.

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:22

    Uh oh New Cheetos Popcorn

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:22

    Chiefs ball on own 45
    1st and 10

  2. INT. Chiefs from their 44.

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:24

    Chiefs 1st & 10 inside 49ers 30 afer 28 yd pass

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:24

    Chiefs 5 yd penalty 1st & 15

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:25

    49ers 5 yd penalty. Chiefs 1st & 10

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:25

    Chiefs 2nd & 9

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:26

    Chiefs 3rd down for a gain of 5 49ers 23

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:27

    Chiefs 4th and 1 will run wth the ball

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:28

    Chiefs 1st & 10 on 16

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:28

    Chiefs 2nd down after incomplete

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:29


    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:29

    Chiefs 3rd down after incomplete

  3. Didn’t realize Wilford Brimley also coached football.

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:30

    Chiefs 4th & 7

    FG is Good

    Chiefs 10 – 49ers 3

  4. Chiefs 10 – 7

  5. Budwiser Greenwashing

  6. Avocados from Mexico

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:36

    49ers ball on own 20
    1st and 10

  7. 9ers from their 20

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:36

    49ers ball on own 30
    1st and 10
    Last Play: Raheem Mostert rush to the left for 9 yards to the SF30.

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:37

    49ersn 1st and 10 on Chiefs 25

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:38

    1st and 10 on Chiefs 15

  8. Tie Game 5:05 in the Half

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:39

    49ers TOUCHDOWN

    Chiefs 10 – 49ers 10

  9. Rick and Morty Pringles

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:43

    Chiefs ball on own 20 after kick off

  10. Chiefs from thier 19

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:44

    Chiefs 1st & 10 on own 29

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:45

    Chiefs 2nd and 1

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:46

    Chiefs 1st and 10 on 49ers 48

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:47

    Chiefs 2nd and 8

  11. Big bucks on Coke Energy

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:48

    Mr. Peanuts funeral

  12. Baby Peanut

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:49

    He was just kidding. Mr. Peanut is back

  13. Bond. James Bond.

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:49

    2 minutes left in the half

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:50

    Chiefs 3rd and 14

  14. Oh. 2 Minutes in the Half.

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:52

    Chiefs 4th down. Punts to 49ers end zone with 59 seconds left in the half

  15. 9ers with 3 time outs at their 25.

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:54

    After punt 49ers ball on own 20
    1st and 10

  16. 59 Seconds

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:55

    49ers ball on own 13 2nd & 7

  17. 5G is Hype now and Garbage when it gets here

    • TMC on 02/02/2020 at 19:56

    49ers: 3rd and 2 on own 18

  18. The Hummer ad

  19. Another Minions? Who asked for that?

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