Mar 17 2020

2020 Presidential Primaries: 4 States Minus One – 441 Delegates

There were four states scheduled to vote today, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio. On Monday, Ohio has “postponed” its primary citing the outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus.

There are 441 delegates at stake in the three remaining states that were all won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Washington state’s primary was called for Vice President Joe Biden and California was called for Senator Sanders.

  • Arizona primaries – 67 delegates. Polls close at 9 PM ET.
  • Florida primaries – 219 delegates. Polls close at 7 PM ET.
  • Illiois primaries – 155 delegates. Polls close at 8 PM ET.


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  1. TMC

    The polls in Florida closed at 7 PM. V. Pres Biden has a commanding lead at this point with 50% of the vote counted.

    Biden – 60.3%

    Sanders – 22.6%

  2. TMC

    Two-thirds of Florida voters said beating Trump was more important than how much a candidate agreed with them on major issues, according to voter surveys.

    73% of Florida voters thought Biden had a better chance of beating Trump, according to the National Election Pool surveys; 21% thought Sanders.

  3. TMC

    The Florida panhandle is still voting

  4. TMC

    Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine (R) essentially did an end run around the courts and the state legislature, the only two bodies that could have cancelled or postpones the primary. By doing so he may have put the Ohio delegate vote at the convention in jeopardy.

    The Ohio secretary of state’s office said all voters who have already cast early ballots or voted by mail will still have their ballots count, whether or not the election is delayed.

    No date has been set for a new primary.

  5. TMC

    At 8 PM ET, all the polls in Florida have closed. NBC News is projecting that V. Pres. Biden is the winner.

    Polls are now closed in Illinois and is too close to call.

  6. TMC

    The New York Times has called V. Pres Biden the winner of the Illinois primary with a 32 point lead over Sen. Sanders

  7. TMC

    There is a law in Arizona that prevents the vote from being reported for an hour after the polls close, so we are just getting the numbers. It looks like a Biden sweep. He won the most populous county , Maricopa, by over 33,000 votes.

    NBC News and the New York Times have called Arizona for Biden.

  8. ek hornbeck

    In good news, anti-choice, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ Dan Lipinkski, DNC Democrat Darling is done. Lost his Primary.

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