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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

WikiLeaks has posted a massive, larger than all the other files on the page combined, heavily encrypted file on it’s dedicated “Afghan War Diary” page labeled simply “Insurance file”

(1.4 GB – you can download it from that link)…

As Wired puts it,

Cryptome, a separate secret-spilling site, has speculated that the new file added days later may have been posted as insurance in case something happens to the WikiLeaks website  or to the organization’s founder, Julian Assange. In either scenario, WikiLeaks volunteers, under a prearranged agreement with Assange, could send out a password or passphrase to allow anyone who has downloaded the file to open it.


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    If only a small fraction of the rage over WikiLeaks’ negligent endangering of civilians was directed at the US Government when it does that

  2. Doogie Howser.

  3.  “you can’t handle the truth.”

    I hope Julian has a good bodyguard or a secret underground bunker.

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